I am a retired Retired Marine, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, and current Private Investigator. I first met Natalia Matusik years ago while she worked as Deputy District Attorney for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office. As a Law Enforcement Officer I worked several investigations ranging from domestic violence to narcotic cases with Ms. Matusik. During these cases her level of knowledge pertaining to the law and the operations of the justice system not only impressed me but also assisted me in several other cases independent from her own. I would and have on many occasions reach out to Ms. Matusik for advice and direction on various different cases. I was always able to reach, and receive very effective advise as to the direction I needed for my investigations. Recently I heard of Ms. Matusik's departure from the District Attorney's office and informed of her practice. Once hearing this I aggressively sought her attention and advice again. We have recently worked several cases together as Attorney and Private Investigator. Again her attention to detail, knowledge of the justice system, professionalism, and commitment has astounded me. A true professional with the knowledge and commitment to her clients. 

-Rick Rohn

About the Attorney

Natalia Matusik is a former prosecutor, and a successful trial attorney with extensive trial experience specializing in the areas of Criminal Law, Domestic Violence, Family Law, Restraining Orders, DUIs, Drug Offenses, General Felonies, General Civil Litigation Matters, as well as Wills, Deeds and Trusts.

Ms. Matusik immigrated to the United States from Poland and is fluent both in English and Polish. If you need a bilingual Polish-English attorney in Southern California who has an extensive litigation experience, please call us for assistance.

Ms. Matusik obtained a B.A. from UCLA in Sociology and Political Science in 1999 and a Master's Degree in Policy Studies from the UCLA School of Public Policy, Social Research and Urban Planning in 2001, specializing in Drug and Crime Policy.

With more than 15 years of experience working on legal and policy matters in California, Ms. Matusik worked as a legal assistant, a law clerk, and an attorney in the areas of civil litigation focusing on personal injury, family law and business and real estate litigation. Subsequently, Ms. Matusik was a prosecutor for several years successfully handling numerous jury trials, preliminary hearings and motions. As a prosecutor, Ms. Matusik spent several years in the Domestic Violence Unit successfully prosecuting some of the most difficult cases in front of the jury.

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